Mountains Promo Siyasa
Hiking March Siyasa

26 October 2024 · from Abarán to Cieza

Logo PMS Siyasa Gran Trail 2023
Logo MMS Senderista Siyasa Gran Trail 2023

Departure time: 10:00h

Distance: 15 km

Elevation gain: 500 m

Logo PMS Siyasa Gran Trail 2023
Logo MMS Senderista Siyasa Gran Trail 2023

Max. timespan: 4 horas

Limit of participants: 200

Total time Finisher: 4 horas

Perfil PMS


KM. 6,5
Atalaya · Refuelling I
Coke · Isotonic drink · Water · Season's fruit · Sweets · Nuts · Gels · Sandwiches · Quince
KM. 6,5
KM. 10
Santuario · Refuelling II
Coke · Isotonic drink · Water · Spray Exceltic Sport
KM. 10



28 €


31 €

Federated participants

All participants who have a RFEA, FAMU, Asociación Senderismo Solidario, FEDME Y FMRM  licence on the day of the race are considered  FEDERATED  (without day insurance fee).

The organisation of SIYASA GRAN TRAIL in collaboration with the Federación Murciana de Atletismo will provide a day insurance  for FEDME and FMRM members at no additional cost.


RANDOM CONTROLS will be implemented along the routes.

Compulsory material


Liquid container (minimum 500ml)

Mobile phone with the number provided by the organisation, battery charged and credit

Recommended material

Long sleeve waterproof windbreaker

Food reserve

Thermal Blanket


Cap or similar

Optional Material

Telescopic Walking Sticks

runner's bag


Braga de cuello

Braga de cuello

Trophies per category (Mountains Promo Siyasa)

Absolute male and female

(from those born in 2005 up to 34 years of age)

Master A male and female

(from 35 to 44 years old)

Master B male and female

(from 45 years old)

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