Plogging: Waste Collection in Cieza

Recogida de basura

This morning, the first event of Siyasa Gran Trail took place: Plogging in Cieza; a different way of picking up trash while practicing sports.

The activity started at 9:30 in the morning at the Sanctuary of Atalaya, bringing together over 150 volunteers of all ages from the Cieza-based clubs Grem Trail, Cieza Trail, Club de Montaña Acho Cieza, and Demonios de la Montaña Trail. The Blanca CD PR-MU 24 club and the Athletic Association of Abarán also joined the action. In addition to the different residents of Cieza who were exercising that day and joined the cleanup.

Thanks are also given to Carlos Semitiel, Sports Councilor, and Antonio Moya, Environment Councilor, as representatives of the Cieza City Council and the #CiezaSeMueve project, who also wanted to participate in this first Plogging action.

During the two and a half hours of trash collection, three containers in the area were filled, along with enough bags to fill another three. Eversia company was responsible for providing the trash bags used in today’s cleanup.

The volunteers formed small groups to cover as much ground as possible, and a van provided by Pinturas Gomi was responsible for collecting all the filled bags and taking them to the meeting point.

Among the waste found, the volunteers were amazed to collect cans, glass bottles, papers, plastics, vehicle remains, clothing, furniture scraps, mattresses, traffic signs, a scooter, several toilets, and even an urn of ashes from a deceased person.

After the cleanup, the participants enjoyed a typical Cieza lunch with Embutidos Sebastián and bread from Panadería Hijos de Felix. To conclude the gathering, Pollería Rosi offered a good plate of rice to all attendees. Estrella Levante also wanted to be present today by providing their beer. And last but not least, Decathlon Murcia (Thader) provided tents for everyone to enjoy the lunch in the best conditions. We were also able to count on another van provided by Tableros Andrés for transportation and setup, without which all of this would not have been possible.

This action was the first of many that will take place within the framework of Siyasa Gran Trail, the first major Trail race to be held in the region, crossing the 8 municipalities that encompass the Ricote Valley.

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